A toddler essential you didn’t know you needed


Mum knows best, so when local Mama and free-lance designer Melissa came to us with an idea for her 18 month old Liam, we were straight to work. She wanted a low profile pillow to support little Liam’s head and neck as he was having trouble sleeping on his firm cot mattress and was even developing a bit of flat head! So, armed with our talented in-house team and a great range of natural materials we designed the Natures Sway Toddler Pillow.


From 12-18 months until five years old little ones can’t have full size pillows as the angle is too great for their necks, and they can even be a suffocation risk. Our pillow is the perfect height at 4-5 centimeters and importantly, is completely breathable. It is 100% pure New Zealand wool encased in organic cotton and hemp blend fabric: all natural, breathable and without any nasty toxins. Wool is naturally flame resistant due to its lanolin content and also self regulates temperature keeping your toddler safe and cozy! Read more about the Magic of Wool here.

With all of Melissa’s specifications met and a natural product we were happy with, it was then time to test the pillow with our harshest critics…


 Okay, that was easy! And you, wonderful parents?

“Are there magical toddler pillows? Do they put small kids to sleep??” one Mama cheekily asked us. Well, being totally comfortable will definitely help a toddler sleep and Aisha, mum to LeRève, says “I don’t know what it is about this pillow but he is just having the BEST sleeps with it”, while Melissa says “Liam loves it” and his face below says it all.

Natures Sway Toddler Pillow 825 x 550

Everything we make at Natures Sway is designed to help you and your family naturally and easily support your little ones through their most important years. The Toddler Pillow is just what you need for your toddler, so we’ve made it for you, enjoy!


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