Why choose our new design baby hammock?


The new design Natures Sway hammock is chock full of features which make it a world away from the likes of the traditional baby hammock.


Suspended baby beds were initially just a length of fabric, looped and tied to a spring; an arrangement used for centuries in countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. The Natures Sway baby hammock is now constructed quite differently, with the base shaped to ensure baby lies on only the gentlest of curves (just enough to help keep them on their back) with their chin off the chest.  Note: The shape is not like those of car seat capsules or propped up semi-reclining baby holders, which are currently causing concern  in relation to infant posture.

As well as being constructed with this improved shape, the Natures Sway baby hammock also has considerably more usable length, with enhanced depth and width due to a new doming configuration on a foot gate. This enhanced amount of space is further exalted by the addition of a wonderful new accessory – the Mattress Stiffener. Made from all natural cocofibre, it provides the perfect amount of firmness and flexibility in our suspended baby bed. All fabric beds like the hammock are in a class of their own and hence require a degree of lateral thought about the properties of suitable components.

ns_stiffener_coconut fibre
Interior of the coco-fibre stiffener

In this case the criteria are fulfilled by natural coco-fibre. Coco-fibre has a relatively good memory so easily retains its basic shape.  It’s flexible in all directions so it maintains the lengthwise curve of the bed and some of the sideways curve, which is also vital to help keep baby in the centre on their back. A lot of thought has gone into creating this additional component, which offers just the right amount of firmness and creates a more open base and better airflow around baby.

It then becomes a matter of parental preference as to whether  the cocofibre insert is used or not. Many of our customers still prefer the more cosy hold of our original baby hammock design. The natural wool mattress alone holds baby securely on their back and has the inherent benefit of no added pressure points (not quite as good as being in water but fabric suspension being the next best thing). The stiffener then becomes the choice of parents and babies who prefer a more open environment.  Each baby arrives with their own personality.  For instance, swaddling, while recommended by the neo-natal industry, doesn’t appear to suit all babies with some appearing to dislike being tightly bound from day one!

NDetail_0004atures Sway have recently also created a further innovation in the form of the new D-ring clip at the top ring to maximise stability. The single-pointed baby hammock design is a wonder for babies because it provides more sideways stability for your infant than a two pointed hammock, which can tip easily. The one point of suspension has its own unique balance point, and by providing a sturdy yet removable clip at the top point we have taken full advantage of this feature, so there will be absolutely no side-to-side tilting for your baby. This means that everyone can get a restful night’s sleep!

The added bonus of this high quality stainless steel D-ring is that is can be applied to any of the thousands of original Natures Sway baby hammocks used by parents for the last 20 years. We have always insisted on top quality construction and components; and in designing the D-ring we didn’t intend for our original models to become obsolete. However, that doesn’t mean that you might not want an upgrade!

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